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The Apprentice Ambassador Network is a national network of current and past apprentices who share their stories to inspire others.

This community of inspiring, driven current and former apprentices are the voices for apprenticeships in their area.

The Apprentice Ambassador Network gives today’s apprentices the opportunity to connect with and motivate the apprentices of tomorrow. Training sessions are funded by the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), and Young Ambassadors can search events listing and select the activities that they are able to support with.

Apprentice Ambassador Network members are linked to nine regional networks, of which the North East is one, so as well as being linked in nationally, Ambassadors become regional leaders.

The North East Apprentice Ambassador Network has a Chair, currently Natasha Scorer, and Apprentice Ambassador Network members will receive invites to be part of exciting campaigns and projects.

Some members have presented at awards ceremonies, spoken at the House of Commons, been the face of national TV apprenticeship campaigns, featured in the Times Education Supplement, and been invited to other high-profile events.


Natasha Scorer

Having started at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust as an apprentice, Natasha has come full circle and is now helping apprentices settle into NHS working life.

“It was a huge honour for me to be named Chair of the North East Apprenticeships Ambassador Network, and it is a role that I do not take lightly.

“As a former apprentice, I appreciate and understand how important they are for young people to get a foot on the career ladder, learn “on the job” and also earn a wage as their skill and experience grows.

“From personal experience, apprenticeships work because they enable people to learn theory and almost immediately apply it in practical situations in the workplace. For me, it meant receiving constructive feedback from colleagues that helped me grow professionally and personally…and being paid while I studied was also a great bonus!

“NEAAN is important as it helps to bring together great minds and people who are incredibly passionate about apprenticeships. As a network, it helps grow people’s confidence by providing networking opportunities with companies and organisations, while promoting the amazing benefits that apprenticeships offer.

“The network is a fantastic way to meet like-minded people, develop your experience and confidence levels and also explore and discover what opportunities are out there.

“Apprenticeships offer a gateway to a fantastic career and NEAAN is a great way to enhance that experience.”

Natasha Scorer
Former North East Apprenticeships Ambassador Chair

Meet our region’s top former apprentices

Alison Thain, Group Chief
Thirteen Group

“Apprenticeships are a vital part of growing a business.”


Become an

Employers, trainers, managers, director, apprentices, former apprentices... if you have a passion for apprenticeships, you could be an Apprentice Ambassador.

Apprenticeship reforms in recent years have encouraged many new and exciting businesses and sectors to be more actively involved in apprenticeships. We want our NEAAN to reflect this dynamic.

If you are interested in joining as an Employer Ambassador please email [email protected]

For more information visit:

If you are interested in joining as an Apprentice Ambassador please email [email protected]. If you have any questions about the role but have not yet decided if you would like to sign up, please email: [email protected] and we can answer any questions you may have.

For more information visit:

Your commitment


Join the North East regional network


Attend a training session provided by the National Apprenticeship Service

Use the Apprentice Ambassador Network portal and resources to keep up with news and network activities


Use the portal log to update on the activity/events you have supported

Remain on the group for a minimum of one year

Volunteer around 0.5 days per month/6 events per year to support Apprentice Ambassador Network activity


Keep line managers informed about Apprentice Ambassador Network activity

Provide a balanced view of the vast array of apprenticeship options available

Learn more about the national network:

Meet our region’s top former apprentices

Dave Laws, Former Chief Executive
Newcastle International Airport and Leeds Bradford Airport

“Apprenticeships are the start of an exciting journey and essential to the businesses I have worked in.”

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