Employing a redundant apprentice following lockdown

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March 31, 2021

The Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices (ReSSA) launched on the 1 August 2020 to support apprentices who have been affected by redundancy.

ReSSA enables individuals to access free online information and telephone support, helping apprentices to connect with national and local support services.

The service also supports redundant apprentices to identify new apprenticeship opportunities and where possible complete their current apprenticeship – helping to keep their careers on track, whilst supporting employers to close vital skills gaps with experienced and work-ready apprentices.

The service is made up of three main elements:

1. Providing apprentices with advice and guidance on the impact of redundancy:

  • including when they may be eligible to continue and complete their apprenticeship despite being made redundant
  • details about the ‘record for part-completion of an apprenticeship’ to support their apprenticeship journey

2. Engage with the signposting service, either digitally or through the helpdesk:

  • accessing information about a range of services that can help with careers advice, redundancy support and help in securing new jobs, including National Government Support Services, Local Support Services, Health and Wellbeing Organisations and Post-16 Education and Training Opportunities

3. An apprenticeship vacancy sharing service to make redundant apprentices aware of new opportunities:

  • if employers have vacancies they would like to make available to redundant apprentices, they can complete the online registration form
  • vacancy details are published online so suitable candidates can contact the employer directly using the details supplied

Employer benefits

  • Supports employers in finding the skills they need to build for the future
  • Helps employers to bring in new work-ready apprentices who will quickly add value to a business, shortening the time that employers will see a return on investment
  • Employers could also be eligible for incentive payments for hiring a new apprentice if they take on a redundant apprentice
  • Provides an opportunity for socially responsible employers to offer a new start to redundancy apprentices and let those individuals that affected by redundancy know that additional support is available

Apprentice benefits

  • Supports eligible apprentices to continue and complete their apprenticeship
  • Gives redundant apprentices access to advice and guidance on the implications of redundancy for their apprenticeship
  • Helps redundant apprentices to access local and national support services that can provide help in finding a new job
  • Gives redundant apprentices the chance to view and apply for new apprenticeship opportunities

Accessing the service Employers

Employers looking to recruit redundant apprentices can access the service by visiting Hiring an apprentice who has been made redundant and completing an online form, or by calling the national helpdesk on 08000 150 600

Employers considering making an apprentice redundant, or are aware of other employers who are, can support apprentices by sharing the information on GOV.UK or directing them to the apprentice helpdesk 08000 150 400


Apprentices affected by redundancy can use the service to get free advice, access local and national support, and find new opportunities by visiting GOV.UK or calling 08000 150 400 to speak to an adviser

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