Opening up the age range for apprentice ambassadors

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November 18, 2021

A message from Education & Skills Funding Agency:

After extensive discussion and consultation with regional YAAN/AAN Chairs, and the national leadership, a decision has been made to remove the upper age limit for our young apprentice ambassadors. This means that the membership eligibility will be open to current and recent apprentices aged 18 years old and above.

Our apprentice ambassador network has grown in breadth and depth of activity since we launched in 2017. From initial face to face engagement with schools, measurable activity now includes social media, digital support, judging and hosting awards, engaging employers, and providing crucial insight to the Department for Education. The scale and magnitude of work being delivered has changed considerably – and achieved impressive results.

Our network is now fully integrated with the overall employer-led Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (AAN) – both employer ambassadors and young ambassador members working together effectively side by side.

As the AAN focuses on the new apprenticeship programme priorities, opening up age eligibility for apprentice members will enable us to reach, inspire and inform new audiences and future apprentices.

After all, the apprenticeship programme is an all-age programme; it’s vital that our apprentice ambassadors reflect that.

For our current young apprentice ambassadors the changes will mean that you can stay on the network beyond the age of 26 years old; and in future will be referred to as an apprentice ambassador rather than young apprentice ambassadors. We are only losing the word ‘young’ to be as inclusive as possible.

We will also retire the YAAN name and branding; moving towards the sole use of the overall AAN branding which encompasses both apprentice and employer members.

These changes will begin to rollout over the coming months and we will keep you updated as this happens.


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