Jenienne Hinchcliffe
May 15, 2021

Jenienne Hinchcliffe, Learning and Organisational Development Coordinator for Northumberland County Council

I have a lead responsibility for talent & leadership development, overseeing the talent management programmes which consist of: Graduate Schemes, Apprenticeships, Internships & Traineeship, Work Experience. 

I have worked for NCC for over 27 years – starting as an Business Administration Apprentice.  I went on to work within the Youth Office and after 13 years of working in a high school environment, I went to Sure Start to become the Early Years Workforce lead, progressing to Workforce Development Manager for six years.  I was assimilated into the corporate Learning & Organisational Development Team. Apprenticeships came into our team, and while I was familiar, I have been on a very steep learning curve and having the opportunity to join the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network gave me the confidence to really be proud of the work we do in and to hear from likeminded, passionate, and enthusiastic people within the network.

Apprenticeships are the future of how we can grow and retain the best talent in the North East. It will allow us to build a future workforce. As a network we can encourage businesses to be actively seeking out apprenticeship opportunities, whether through recruitment or upskilling.

The network gives me access to current and relevant information, networking opportunities and to be part of new initiatives linked to the business plan for the North East.

As a strong network we have an important role to play supporting employers engaging with apprenticeships, building our future, and blazing the trail.


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