Engineering Apprentice Toolmaker – Nifco Uk Ltd

August 7, 2021

As an apprentice Toolmaker you will be expected to produce and repair tools like jigs, dies and moulds that are used by engineering craftspeople. You will work mainly with metals, alloys and composite materials, known as ‘stocks’ or castings.

On a typical day you could:

  • Work with 2D and 3D computer-aided design and manufacturing software (CAD/CAM)
  • Mark out tool designs on a ‘stock’ or casting following engineering plans
  • Cut and shape tools with lathes, presses and cutting machines
  • Enter settings into computer controlled machines
  • Check dimensions with measuring instruments like micrometers
  • Carry out basic machine maintenance

Working environment:

  • You will work in the factory or in the workshop
  • Your working environment will be noisy
  • You will need to wear safety clothing and use safety equipment

About the employer

The Nifco group is invested in designing, developing and manufacturing quality components for the global Automotive Industry. From the interior of a vehicle to the exterior, inclusive of the engine, Nifco has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in many product areas.

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