Exciting new apprenticeship opportunity at Newcastle University

July 20, 2023


Develop highly transferable experience, knowledge and skills while working in a large multidisciplinary educational organisation.

The Role

We are proud to offer 12 opportunities for Business Administrator Apprentices across a range of teams within the University.

The apprenticeship positions will be for a period of 24 months from your start date and include a period of 3 months at the end where we will work with you on your final assessment.

We are looking for people who can develop, implement and maintain administration services in a number of host departments across the University.

You will have many opportunities to develop your team working skills and learn quickly from experienced colleagues who will be there to help and support you.

The Apprenticeship


This apprenticeship will provide you the opportunity to build your knowledge, skills and behaviours when developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services.
In doing so, you will be expected to work independently and take responsibility for the outcomes of your work, with support of the employer and the training provider.

Through working across functional areas, you will build team relationships quickly and learn from others to develop specific skill sets.

End Point Assessment

An End Point Assessment Organisation will assess your Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours at the end of your apprenticeship.

This will involve a knowledge test, portfolio-based interview and a project presentation.

Salary in Year One

  • £12,078 if aged under 18 • £14,457 if 18 to 20
  • £19,649 if 21 to 22 or
  • £20,112 if 23 or over

Come and meet us

It would be lovely to talk to you more about this amazing opportunity.

Saturday 5th August 10am – 12pm @ The Boiler House

Tuesday 29th August – Online Session

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