Katrina Moffat, North Tyneside Learning Trust

Katrina Moffat, North Tyneside Learning Trust
April 18, 2023

Katrina Moffat, project manager for the North Tyneside Learning Trust on how apprenticeships allow organisations to ‘grow their own’ workforce, ensuring that the right people are in the right in place to support the future of the organisation…

Name: Katrina Moffat
Title: Project Manager
Company: North Tyneside Learning Trust

What does your organisation do?

North Tyneside Learning Trust is a collaboration of schools working in partnership with employers, universities, and colleges to improve education and life chances for all children and young people.

How long has it been employing apprentices?

We have been employing apprentices since our inception, which has been going for just over 10 years now!

How many apprentices (approximately) has your organisation delivered?

We deliver around 2 apprentices per year, but over the past two years we have managed to increase how many apprentices we can deliver which has been very positive!

Why are apprentices important?

Apprentices support the work of our schools in many ways. Schools have always benefitted from employing apprentices in roles such as Early Years Educators and Teaching Assistants but increasingly, senior staff are undertaking apprentices to develop their roles further.

What is the biggest benefit apprentices provide?

Enthusiasm and dedication. Those taking up roles as EYEs and Tas become an integral part of the team very quickly which is essential when working with young people.

What is the most challenging aspect of providing apprenticeships?

I would say the most challenging aspect of providing apprenticeships is attracting the right people to the roles.

What would you say to any business considering providing apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships allow you to ‘grow your own’ workforce helping to ensure you have the right people in place to support the future of the organisation. We have learned over time that they really aren’t as tricky to manage as they first seem!

Finally, why is the North East Apprenticeships Ambassadors Network important?

The NEAAN provides a lot of support and opportunities to discuss current issues, which is fantastic as it means we are not trying to navigate everything alone. Their support really makes a difference.


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