Malcolm Knott, Industrial Technology Systems Ltd

April 5, 2023

Malcolm Knott talks about ITS’s approach to apprenticeships and how NEAAN offers him a focal point for advice, for development, for future planning…

Name: Malcolm Knott
Title: CEO / Owner
Company: Industrial Technology Systems Ltd

What does your organisation do?

We are specialists in Management Information and Process Control systems for regulated industries – such as life sciences, Chemical, Power and Energy.

How long has it been employing apprentices?

Our oldest apprentice started 20 years ago but we’ve had six or seven in the last three to four years.

How many apprentices (approximately) has your organisation delivered?

Around seven over the period – we are an SME so we’re a smaller employer.

Why are apprentices important?

They allow us to build future growth and succession planning into our business model.

What is the biggest benefit apprentices provide?

The ability to plan for growth at a reasonable cost and new ideas in several ‘new technology areas’.

What is the most challenging aspect of providing apprenticeships?

Cost is obviously always a challenge – as is brining them up to a good working level so that customers will accept them working on their projects. Customers are sometimes nervous that ‘an apprentice’ is doing their work (even though supervised).

What would you say to any business considering providing apprenticeship?

The benefits outweigh the challenges. If you can commit to developing them, apprentices are worth the effort.

Finally, why is the North East Apprenticeships Ambassadors Network important?

The NEAAN gives us a focal point for advice, for development, for future planning – without it we would be searching around for the information it provides in one place and possibly even lose heart in thinking about apprentices as an option.


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