Solicitor apprentices achieve milestone qualification

July 21, 2021

Two of Sintons’ solicitor apprentices have achieved their law degrees, in a significant milestone as they continue towards qualification as a solicitor.

Leah Greenwell and Nathan Johnson both joined Sintons four years ago, as part of the first-ever North East Solicitor Apprentice (NESA) scheme, where law firms in the region have worked together to open up the legal industry to a wider pool of talented individuals.

The pioneering initiative offers an alternative six-year route into law and enables solicitor apprentices to get practical training and experience four days each week, with a further day assigned to study.

Both Leah and Nathan have now successfully completed their law degrees, and will be some of the first in the region to sit the Solicitors’ Qualifying Exams over the next two years, before securing full qualification as practicing solicitors.

They will also join Sintons’ graduate trainees in their twice-annual seat moves, to gain experience of departments throughout the business ahead of choosing a specialism of their own.

The firm’s third solicitor apprentice, Saffron Sinclair, who joined Sintons through NESA the year after Leah and Nathan, has also achieved outstanding results at the end of the third year of her degree.

Sintons’ commitment to the NESA scheme is continuing with another solicitor apprentice set to join the firm this year.

Christopher Welch, managing partner of Sintons, says the firm is committed to offering opportunities to young people in the North East.

“In the past four years we have created an alternative route into law for young people, removed the barriers that may have previously existed and opened up the profession more widely than ever before,” he says.

“In the process of doing this, we have been fortunate enough to add Leah and Nathan to our team, two outstanding young individuals who have shown commitment, dedication and genuine talent since the day they joined us. We are delighted they have now achieved their law degrees and will support them over the next two years as they complete their solicitor apprenticeship programmes en route to qualification.

“Saffron too has excelled in her exams, and is further evidence of the outstanding people coming into the profession who, prior to the creation of NESA, may have missed out.

“We are very proud of what our three solicitor apprentices are achieving and look forward to continuing to support them and others, in building their careers in law.”

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