Apprentices to earn their crust in bake-off challenge

Natasha Scorer, Ian Green and Jenienne Hinchcliffe ready for the bake-off
February 6, 2023

Apprentice Ambassadors from across the North East will be hoping to have their cake and eat it, to mark National Apprenticeship Week 2023.

The North East Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (NEAAN) is staging The Great Apprenticeship Bake Off, to put members through their paces as they strive to create the greatest bake in a British Army kitchen.

The event has been created to not only mark the national celebration of apprenticeships, but also take current and former apprentices out of their comfort zone and utilise the skills they have learned in an “alien” environment.

NEAAN worked with the British Army for last year’s Bake-Off, in which North East Ambassadors competed against compatriots from across the country, but this year it’s against each other, in a baked goods battle royale that forms part of a week-long programme of events to celebrate apprenticeships and demonstrate the benefits they offer individuals and businesses of all sizes.

NEAAN Co-Chair, Ian Green MBE, said:

“We always challenge Ambassadors to come up with an exciting week of events and activities for Apprenticeship Week, but the Bake Off has proved such a success it is becoming the mainstay of our annual calendar. Our aim is to do something fun that takes Ambassadors out of their comfort zone, but challenges them to use the skills they have learned and apply them in a totally different professional setting.

“The Great Apprenticeship Bake-Off was a real success last year with professional Army chefs and instructors on hand to support our amateur bakers and offer guidance and advice when and if things started to come unstuck…which they invariably did.”

The event will once again be held at the Army barracks at Grantham, in Lincolnshire, and Worthy Down, Hampshire, with Ambassadors from across the country holding their own Bake-Off events throughout the week.

Jenienne Hinchcliffe, Co-Chair of NEAAN, said:

“Across Apprenticeship Week 2023, we stage a range of events to not only engage with potential future apprentices but also to showcase how much an enthusiastic, motivated apprentice can bring to a business.

“Our Ambassadors will be organising and attending events throughout the week to shine a spotlight on superstar apprentices and fantastic apprenticeships.”

A British Army spokesperson, said:

“The British Army is a staunch supporter of apprenticeships and we are delighted to lend our support to this event, which will hopefully shine the spotlight on how transferable skills learned during apprenticeships can help people thrive in the most unusual of circumstances.

“Our chefs are used to catering for large amounts of soldiers in some extreme circumstances, so their calm, professional approach will hopefully help calm a few nerves in the Apprentice Bake-Off kitchen.”

Each of the “bakers” will receive a branded apron and chef’s hat while the winners will receive trophy.

As well as the Bake-Off, NEAAN has arranged and will support partners with several other activities and events over the course of National Apprenticeship Week, which this year begins today (February 6).

Apprentice Ambassador Chair, Natasha Scorer, said:

“Apprenticeships are the perfect entry point for many people looking to start their career and Apprenticeship Week is the ideal showcase to demonstrate the breadth of exciting apprenticeships that are available.”


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