FINLEY BOWATER, Process Operation Apprentice, Alpek Polyester UK Ltd
February 1, 2023

Finley Bowater, Process Operation Apprentice, Alpek Polyester UK Ltd

Finley started at Alpek Polyester in 2021, having successfully completed the first year of his apprenticeship at Hartlepool College; receiving excellent grades across all subjects, and he has continued to dedicate himself to his apprenticeship completing all onsite learning in record time!

Continuously receiving excellent feedback from the team on his commitment, dedication, enthusiasm and motivation to learn all aspects of his role, Finley is now preparing for his end point assessment in April.

Finley’s work ethic and dedication continue to exceed Alpek’s expectations, and he’s seen as an integral part of his shift, shying away from no task, he is inquisitive; resolving issues whilst maintaining high standards of personal responsibility towards safe systems of work.

Alpek is extremely proud of Finley’s achievements, enthusiasm and ever-present drive to achieve. The firm is confident he will pass his end point assessment with flying colours!

About Alpek Polyester

A global leader in the polyester value chain from PTA to PET and Polyester Fibers, Alpek’s UK manufacturing site is at Wilton Teesside and is the only PET producer in the UK.

PET is used in food and drinks packaging, and Alpek’s brand is processed into bottles, jars and trays for soft drinks, water, food containers, and cosmetics. The firm focuses on exceeding customer needs for sustainable and fully-recyclable PET.

Value of Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are integral to Alpek’s strategy in terms of succession planning and investment in the future of the organisation with a history of apprenticeships going back years. Investing in young people is integral to the company’s CSR strategy. The apprenticeship scheme’s success is demonstrated by the number of ex-apprentice employees Alpek has – approximately 20% of the organisation were once apprentices.


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