Regional Best Practice Update: Kickstart to Apprenticeships Progression Initiative in SE AAN – Elizabeth Flegg Chair

Best Practice - Kickstart to Apprenticeships Progression Initiative in SE AAN
June 17, 2021

Elizabeth Flegg, South East AAN Chair, presented on the joint project between the South East AAN and West Sussex County Council to improve the conversion of Kickstart placements to apprenticeships at the end of the placement. This is a joint project between DWP and WSCC to progress Kickstart candidates onto Apprenticeships in West Sussex.

Individuals nearing the end of their placement are signposted/moved on to apprenticeships within the county.

The project is delivered virtually to outline the opportunities to employers and stakeholders, with SME businesses being the primary target.

Slides presented by Elizabeth are shared as attached as well as a brochure as used as part of this project.

ACTION – Is this work of interest to the NEAAN members and should we look to work with NE DWP and NE Region FSB and run this best practice out in the North East Region. Feedback to BOTH George Ritchie MBE and Alan Wallace

Download Powerpoint

What Next After Kickstart (PDF)


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